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Culture Day 2024

Our first ever Culture Day! 🌎🎈

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Woodlands hosted its first Culture Day, a celebration of the rich diversity within our school community on Friday 24th May. The event was designed to help students appreciate and learn about the different cultures represented at our school.

The day included lots of activities to help children explore the languages, traditions and customs of our school community. The children were introduced to basic phrases from some of the 48 languages spoken by our families. Classes also shared a range of traditional stories from around the world.

A particular highlight of the day was the performance by the Dohl Drummers. The rhythmic beats and energetic performance had everyone up and dancing on the Key Stage 2 playground!

In the afternoon, students prepared for a special showcase to present to their parents, who were invited to join the classes and experience the day's learning firsthand.

A Year 5 student shared her thoughts on the day saying, "I really liked learning about other children's families and their cultures. It has helped me understand them more, and I feel like we are all connected."


Culture Day at Woodlands was a resounding success, leaving everyone with a deeper appreciation for the range of cultures that enrich our community. It was a day filled with learning, joy, and connection, reminding us all of the importance of understanding and celebrating diversity. We look forward to continuing this wonderful tradition and making next year’s Culture Day even more special.