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Welcome to

Co-op Academy Woodlands

Respect, co-operate, succeed

Our Vision and Values

We're better when we work together

Our Curriculum

Welcome to

Co-op Academy Woodlands

Thank you for visiting our website, we hope you have a bit of time to explore and learn more about our wonderful academy. The site contains a lot of information about the academy, but if you can’t find what you are looking for, please contact us.

A Warm Welcome
From our Headteacher

Adele Clark, Headteacher

At Woodlands, key to everything we do is in our mission statement: Respect, co-operate, succeed. We have a highly committed and professional staff team who work hard to provide the best opportunities for all our children in a safe and happy environment. We work hard to ensure pupils receive a good education through an exciting, broad and balanced curriculum. At Woodlands we encourage children to do their best so that they will be successful in their learning and be aspirational for their futures.

Our School Overview


Age range

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Ofsted Report

​​​​​​​What do people say?

Pupils at Co-op Academy Woodlands are keen, interested and inquisitive. They enjoy being active learners.

Ofsted 2023

There are many different ethnicities and cultures at the school. Pupils have a healthy appreciation of diversity and equality. A pupil captured the essence of diversity saying, "The world would be a dull place if everyone was the same."

Ofsted 2023

Pupils are motivated to earn the school's RESPECT badges. Leaders award badges for fulfilling specific criteria, such as reading every day or returning their homework weekly. Pupils wear their badges with pride.

Ofsted 2023

The school wants the very best for pupils. There are a significant number of pupils joining the school throughout the year, who speak English as an additional language (EAL). There is a rigorous process to support these pupils to learn the essential words and phrases that allow them to function independently.

Ofsted 2023

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