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Eating a healthy and balanced lunch is vital to a child’s learning.

Children can either bring a packed lunch or have a school dinner. We encourage all meals to be healthy and nutritious.

Universal infant free school meals

If your child is in reception, year 1 or year 2 they can have school dinners for free.

Free dinners

If you are entitled to free school dinners, you first need to apply for this. To apply, you can either call Leeds City Council on 0113 222 4404 or visit the One Stop Centre at the Compton Centre (Harehills Lane).

Please still apply, even if your child is in reception, year 1 or year 2. This will ensure we are correctly funded (under the Pupil Premium provision).

Dinner prices

Per day:

  • Reception, year 1 and year 2 – free
  • Nursery – £2.30
  • Year 3, 4, 5 and 6 – £2.65

Please see our main office to

  • Pay for school dinners
  • Choose your preference of either school dinner or packed lunch for the half term
  • Ask questions about free school dinners
  • Let us know about your child’s diets, allergies or intolerances

We are a Nut-Free Academy

At Woodlands we provide a safe learning environment for all students.  Due to some of our pupils having nut allergies, we will become a nut-free school.

An allergic reaction (anaphylactic shock) can happen if a child eats nut products, cross contamination and breathing nut particles in the air.  Since this condition can be life-threatening, we are asking all members of the school community to help these children.


  • Do not give children nuts or nut products in their packed lunches
  • Do not give nuts or nut products or snacks/bars containing nuts for break time snacks, for example:
    • Kinder Bueno bars
    • Pesto
    • Snickers
    • Peanut butter
    • Humous
    • Nutella or hazelnut chocolate spread
    • Selected breads
  • Do not supply the school with cakes or food items containing nuts for birthday celebrations, sales or events
  • Do not send containers such as cereal boxes for DT/Art lessons into school which may have contained produce made with nuts.

We know that many foods are labelled as ‘may contain nuts’ and cannot be guaranteed to be nut free.  Such items will be allowed in school as it would be unreasonable to expect these to be kept out of school.

When a member of staff notices a pupil eating a nut product, the product will be removed politely and the member of staff will explain why this has to be done.  A message will then be sent to the parent to explain what has happened so they are fully informed and to remind them of the Nut-free policy.


Need help?

If you need any help, contact our main school office.

You can download a copy of our menu below. 👇