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Our Community Pioneer

I'm Amanda Heron and I have recently become the Academy community pioneer for Co-op Academy Woodlands.

My role is to not only support Co-op Academy Woodlands but to also support the wider local community. I aim to do this by identifying the needs of the community and offering support to families and young people. I aim to create a supportive community by working with local businesses, companies and services to create a portal of support.

I want everyone to be able to access and to be aware of the multitudes of support and advice available to them. As your local community pioneer I want individuals to feel comfortable and welcome to speak to me about any current issues they are having. I am the community's biggest cheerleader. Lets’ all focus on the positive changes that can be made.

I look forward to working closely with everyone!

Get in touch! 👍

📧 Drop me an email:
📞 Give me a call: 07707152228

I work as an Academy Community Pioneer on Tuesday mornings and Friday afternoons.

Yours co-operatively,
Amanda Heron